Nick Kemp – Therapist, Coach, Writer and Trainer

Nick Kemp authorNick Kemp has been involved in communication and training for over thirty years. In 1980s he worked in sales and marketing running a number of highly successful startup multi million pound businesses in the UK. In 2000 he began to run trainings for the business and personal development sectors as well as developing the greatly acclaimed Human Alchemy series of self-help audio products distributed by Anglo American Books. The common theme throughout his all work is “problem solving” and “creative solutions” whether this is in a business, coaching, training or therapeutic context. In 2005 Nick started developing the Provocative Change Works (PCW) model to communication and has used this approach to work with international athletes, TV personalities, medics and creative artists. He runs PCW trainings in USA, Japan, India, Hungary, Switzerland, Israel, Poland, Austria, Holland, Spain and Ireland. Nick is also a published author having contributed a chapter on his PCW approach to “Innovation’s in NLP” which is available in English and now translated in Japanese. Nick has also contributed to Steve Andreas’s book “Transforming Negative Self Talk and has had many articles on his work published in international magazines.

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Nick Kemp – An International Perspective

In 2006 he was a guest on BBC Radio demonstrating his Provocative Change Work approach with listeners over a 26 week period. As well as contributing to numerous international publications including The Middle Eastern Educator, Rapport Magazine and the Sun newspaper, he also contributed a chapter of his Provocative Change Works model in communication to “Innovations in NLP” a compendium of many of the smartest minds in the world of coaching and therapy. Longstanding USA author Steve Andreas included a discussion and overview of Nick’s voice tempo exercise from the PCW model in his book “Transforming Negative Self Talk” which is available on Amazon.

 Video documentary  coaching a client to swim The English Channel

In 2011 Nick started to use his PCW model to work in the sports performance arena, coaching a local businessman and amateur swimmer to swim the English Channel for his son’s charity.

This is what Pete said after three private sessions with Nick in his Leeds clinic

“Thank you for all your help – I couldn’t have done it without your help – You can now stand up in a room and say that your methods and techniques got this fat wheezing bloke across the channel, and I’d back you up 100%.”

 Pete Windridge – France

Sports Performance Coaching for International Athletes

In 214 Nick helped international athlete Lucy Evans who made the following comment after achieving a lifetime best track time and qualifying for The Commonwealth Games

“I had the good fortune of learning about Nick whilst doing some research online about sports psychology and performance.  As a Manchester based international 100m and 200m track athlete I felt that although I was always physically prepared for my competitions I was very often mentally under prepared to perform – fear, self-doubt and negative thoughts often got in my way.  At the point I met Nick I had become frustrated with the traditional sports psychology approaches which I had been encouraged to use during my off season – mainly because they were not working. I had already started my 2014 competition season – so I needed to make a change – and fast.  This was no problem at all for Nick. We focused on the problems right away and I was able to implement the tools and techniques

I learned immediately. I left the first session confident that this was going to be a very successful working partnership.  In the space of a month I met with Nick on three occasions and made instant improvements in my approach to competitions – I was happier, more confident, less effected by poor weather conditions and always ready to race. Each time I visited Nick I was able to tell him – almost unbelievably – that I had won another race. It was almost becoming boring. But only almost!  After a successful early season, the help Nick had given me really came to fruition on the day of the 2014 Commonwealth Games Trials. I was approaching the most significant race of the weekend, where the outcome would determine whether I would or would not be selected for Glasgow 2014.

The pressure was intense, weather conditions were far from ideal and added to that I was tired having already run three top level races that weekend. I believe that ordinarily and without Nick’s help I would have “gone to pieces” in that situation. Instead I ran a lifetime best time of 23.94, breaking through the elusive 24.00 second barrier to land on the podium.  Five days later I was officially selected for The XX Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014. “  

Lucy Evans – International 100m, 200m and 4×100m relay athlete

Nick currently resides in the UK with his wife of 20 years standing and with Bob and Bill two very demanding felines.