Anxiety cures in Leeds

I have been helping clients with anxiety cures in Leeds for twelve years now and have literally spent thousands of hours helping with this condition. Most clients who have anxiety related issues appreciate that the PCW model is extremely time and cost effective in resolving issues. Rather than analyzing past events or simply “talking about the anxiety issue” we instead focus on changing the thinking/feeling process. This means that in a conversational practical most clients can experience useful change in 2 – 3 sessions with lasting results.

The anxiety state is usually created when a person is too much in “anticipation mode” and they can’t get out of the unhelpful patter of thinking that creates the feeling state. Often clients will talk about their minds “racing” and a feeling “that comes over them” The difficulty is that often once someone experiences this, they then start looking for the exact same feeling, which reinforces the problem. They may understand that there’s no logical reason to feel this way, but logical doesn’t change the anxiety state!

As well as promoting anxiety cures in Leeds, I teach other therapists and coaches in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. This gives me a wealth of experience which is invaluable in working with this condition. These clients can also be of all ages. The youngest client to date was just eight years old and the oldest was in their eighties. Both clients have developed unhelpful ways of thinking to themselves and had previously spent a considerable amount of time trying approaches like CBT and counselling without any measurable success.

I appreciate that its hard often for clients to decide who to see as a practitioner. For this reason I always suggest all clients ensure the therapist or practitioner has a solid history of dealing with these kinds of issues. I also would expect any serious therapist or practitioner to ask the client to complete a set of notes in advance of the actual session. In this ever busier and chaotic world I suspect that this kind of problem is going to be increasingly more common.


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