Effective Blushing Cures, fear of “going red” from Nick Kemp

Blushing Cures by Nick Kemp

Blushing cures in Leeds, Manchester and by Skype

When I first encountered and helped a client with blushing problems, which included going red in the face it was a number of years ago and at that time I considered this to be a rare condition. These days I see a wide range of men, women and indeed youngsters of all ages and backgrounds with this problem on a weekly basis. Typically they describe feeling that they get hot, they may exhibit facial reddening and physical blushing.

 blushing cures from nick kemp“Blushers” often describe this problem as feeling extremely self conscious with changes in body temperature, and “going red in the face or all over”. Often this sense of “going red” is a feeling of this occurring, rather than actually seeing a change in skin pigmentation. PCW with it’s combination of hypnosis, Linguistics, trance work and time lining is excellent in changing the old response, as, like all irrational fears this is created at an emotional level and once the “emotional charge” that creates this behaviour is changed, the individual finds welcome relief!
The difficulty with this condition is that the more the person thinks about it, the more it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy with the “blusher” creating the exact same thoughts and feelings that maintain the problem. Often the “blusher” has a number of ongoing thoughts about this problem that are not useful.

A common example of this includes, perhaps not surprisingly:

“I am going to go red” (said or thought in an anxious tone of voice!)

I usually allocate two sessions to deal with this condition and have had considerable success in working with clients, many of whom have tried numerous other approaches without previous success.

What is blushing?

Blushing has been described as “the involuntary reddening of a person’s face due to embarrassment or emotional stress, though it has been known to come from being love struck, or from some kind of romantic stimulation. It is thought that blushing is the result of an overactive sympathetic nervous system. Severe blushing is common in people who suffer social anxiety in which the person experiences extreme and persistent anxiety in social and performance situations”.

Symptoms of blushing

Below are some typical symptoms reported by clients I have worked with:
•Avoidance of eye contact: this is sometimes mistaken for shyness.
•Anxiety about “expecting to blush” when meeting other people.
•Sensation of heat: this locates mostly in the face or body, and can result in sweating.
•Feelings of embarrassment: this can limit social interaction and create social withdrawal.
•Avoidance of situations: typical examples include meeting new people or talking in front of groups.

Common factors in clients who experience blushing

Over the years I have seen lots of people with this problem. Here are some of the typical common factors I have noticed with clients who experience blushing as a problem:
•They tend to have a good ability to think ahead and anticipate situations.
•Many find it hard to switch off or relax easily.
•Often when experiencing blushing they will have a series of unhelpful internal thoughts which typically include the phrases “Don’t go red” and Don’t blush” among others. These phrases are thought in an anxious fast tone of voice that creates the unhelpful blushing experience.
•Most clients have often thought about their blushing problem for considerable periods of time, but regardless of all the analysis they don’t “feel” any different. The blushing has become an automatic process which now is affecting the quality of life experience.
•Many clients who apply to see me have already seen hypnotherapists, medics and psychotherapists for blushing without success.

I see clients 1 – 1 in my Leeds and Manchester clinics as well as by Skype. For Skype sessions check HERE 

Testimonial from Blushing Client

“From age 16 to 45 I have worried about blushing. Yeh I have a normal family and live a happy life but spent many days planning what I would be doing in order to avoid blushing. From the moment I woke until safe in my bed at night my mind was focusing on “what if I blush?”. I have seen various hypnotherapists over the years clinging on to the hope that they would solve it. I even enrolled on an NLP course! However, the only person who has ever made me really think about the whole process of blushing is Nick Kemp. ‘Think about the process’ he said and that is all it took. Such an inspirational practitioner yet with a very genuine, caring and professional manner who never made me feel inadequate. I am now a very relaxed public speaker which was a big panic for me in the past and am becoming more relaxed every day thanks to Nick. Despite his extremely busy schedule he even took the time to answer emails as I travelled quite a distance with my husband to meet him. Hopefully I will manage to enroll on one of his training courses in the future and would certainly recommend others to do so.

Thanks for the freedom!”


“I had two sessions with Nick as I was becoming preoccupied with the fear of blushing and having to stand in front of everyone at my wedding, rather than blisfully looking forward to being centre of attention as a bride should.  I was a little skeptical but knew my answer did not lie in any deep routed psychological issues, just that I had learnt a way of reacting to a situation that I needed to change.  All I can say is on the day I really did have the time of my life and my favourite part was the ceremony; a part I had been starting to think about in terms of I can relax once it is over. 

I was delighted with the service and the result. 

Thanks Nick.”