Booking a Session

Booking your session and useful advice

Over the years I have found the following formula to be an excellent way of working with clients to ensure that they receive the maximum results in the most cost effective manner. I make it 100% clear that no practitioner or therapist can guarantee results, every client is paying for my time. That said I do have excellent results and this is one of the reasons who I am in demand to teach other therapists around the world. Please note that the PCW approach that I teach is NOT standard hypnotherapy or talk therapy. If you have any questions not answered on this site, please ask them ahead of requesting any session time. 



Below are the steps to request  a personal session with Nick Kemp

Communication to me by e-mail or phone – Before I accept any client it’s crucial for both of us to be confident that we can work together and that I am clear about the issues concerned. Regardless of whether initial contact is by e-mail or by telephoning me I always without exception speak to each client before making an appointment.Once we agree a time for a session, I will send you a set of client notes which need to be completed and returned to me before the actual session.

Alternatively you can download the notes hereClient notes from Nick Kemp and return to me to Most clients experience good results from 2 – 3 sessions and all clients are encouraged to listen back to the recordings of the session and are reminded that there is no “magic wand” for treating issues! That said you will always receive my very best attention.

UK Clinic locations for Nick Kemp Therapy:

To Book Ring 01274 622994 or e-mail


The Wellness Centre (Main Clinic in Yorkshire)


Lister House Wellness pic

Lister Hill



LS18 5AZ

Tel: 0113 258 8999


 The Hope Centre

Hampden Buildings,

Hampden Road

Sale, Cheshire, M33 7UB

Telephone: 0161 973 9130

I will also, if necessary, conduct client sessions over Skype enabling you to have a session if you live abroad or are unable to travel.

Payment for Sessions

Please ensure that you arrive promptly to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your individual appointment. Please also note that I charge full session price for all non-attendances with less than 48 hours’ notice. You are charged at £125 per hour for my time, £250 for an initial 2 hour session. Please note that I will do my best to help you but neither myself or any other therapist can guarantee success. Each session is audio recorded and clients can request a copy of the session.

Please pay via this secure link HERE 


 Getting the best results

I have been involved in the field of personal development for over 25 years and I see literally hundreds of clients each year in my Leeds Hypnotherapy and Provocative Change Works practice. Many clients have already previously attempted to resolve issues prior to seeing myself. The processes I use, and which I have further developed (and which I also teach to others) when seeing clients are also very time and cost effective. Below are key suggestions that will ensure that you get the best value from your session with me when we meet in my Leeds or Manchester Practice.

•Ensure that you complete the client notes I send you with as much detail as possible

•Arrive on time so we have the full allocated time for each session

•Be aware that although I will ask about some past events, the focus of each session will be on what needs to happen next and how you can bring this about

•Sometimes what you expect in my client sessions will be very different to what happens. My focus is on using all my skills to assist you in resolving your problem, regardless of how long you have had it.

•Every client is given my best attention. The questions asked and exercises practiced will be according to what I have found from years of experience works well. I reserve the right to cut short any session where I feel a client is not demonstrating a willingness to follow directions and then charge for the time that has been given up until that point.

•Ask whatever questions you have in mind during our appointment.

•Remember that some client issues take a varying time to address and there is no “magic wand” to deal with client problems, despite what people say and what you may see on TV.

•Make time to properly listen back to the CDs of the sessions as directed and practice the exercises you have been given, as this is a key part of the process for accelerated change.

Nick Kemp booking a session

 A Suggested Check List for choosing a therapist

Here are some pointers to deciding how to choose a therapist

Speak to the potential practitioner before agreeing to see them and ask about their experience in working with the type of condition you are interested in working on to satisfy yourself that they can be of help
Although certifications are in no way an indication of skills, check to see who the person trained with and how long they have been seeing paying clients.
Ask if the client sessions are recorded and if you would be obtaining a copy of the session
Check that the practitioner is not “a jack of all trades” offering NLP, EFT, TFT, Reiki et al, and that you know what you are going to be paying to receive. Informed consent is important in any therapeutic relationship, and to attend for one treatment modality only to receive another is not going to be particularly useful for a variety of reasons. Hypnotherapy can encompass all sorts of modalities currently, so specific discussion prior to booking an appointment will enable you to make appropriate informed decisions about whether or not to pick this particular practitioner.
Check to see where the client session takes place. I would always advise a public building with appropriate receptionist staff and infrastructure, rather than a person’s home. Let’s also remember that hundreds of practitioners rent space in Harley Street in the hope that this association will bolster interest in business. No doubt there are some excellent practitioners who work in this particular location, but beware the person who name drops this association alone, as if this is all that is required to impress potential clients with claims of their ability without be able to substantiate their skills by additional means.
Follow your instinct. If you don’t feel comfortable with speaking to the person on the phone prior to a session, or have any kind of nagging feeling that this is not a good option for you, then follow your instincts and look elsewhere.

There are many excellent practitioners and hypnotherapists and it is an excellent therapeutic skill set, enabling people to make wonderful changes and be much more comfortable in life and have increased options in their future.
Most excellent practitioners run very busy private practices. It’s often like booking a table at a restaurant; the best ones will always have some kind of waiting list, but are those are definitely worth waiting for.
I usually have at least a two week waiting list to see new clients. Prior to agreeing a meeting I always request that each client complete a full set of requested client notes, so that time is then used to best effect. I always record sessions so that clients can listen back to a session subsequently, and find this a very useful tool.

As a private practitioner one obviously has to fund one’s own administrative and professional infrastructure and this is necessarily factored into the cost of a session. Some private medical insurance schemes will cover hypnotherapy and it is worth exploring this. I have not mentioned anything about my own prices in this article, and these can be found on my website under the section on pricing and location for sessions.

Terms and conditions

Any information given by you will be treated in confidence and in accordance with the data protection act and UK law. By returning the client notes you agree with our terms and conditions and are confirming that all the details you have given are true and correct. We reserve the right to decline or discontinue working with any client without having to declare any reason. Payment may in some cases be required prior to any work being done and in all other cases is due in full at the end of the appointment. Payment can be made online, by cheque and of course by cash. The clinic operates a strict policy of 48 hours’ notice required to cancel or move an appointment. Any missed appointments will be charged for up to the full amount.

Your session will be audio recorded for quality monitoring purposes. You can ask for a copy of your appointment so you can listen back to it. If you arrive for your appointment intoxicated or under the influence of recreational drugs we reserve the right to stop the appointment or decline seeing you. Due to the obvious fact that we are dealing with human behaviour we are unable to give any guarantees that we will be successful but we will do our best to help you achieve the changes that you want.


If you have any questions following your appointment please contact me