Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis Addiction

Over the years I have seen many clients for various types of addictions and cannabis addiction is often a psychological addiction where a client has got into a pattern of behaviour where their world revolves around smoking cannabis. In some instances clients have been doing this for decades, so their thinking and patterns of behaviour in how they conduct their daily activity in life all revolve around this issue. There are all kinds of problems that can result from cannabis addiction including health issues, losing the power of concentration and difficulty in getting motivated. In recent years we have also seen the emergence of new more powerful forms of cannabis including skunk. It’s generally now accepted that long term use of these drugs is psychologically harmful.

Often their social interactions revolve around this issue, so it can become what I call a “stuck state” behaviour that produces all manner of anxiety. At my Leeds Hypnotherapy practice I have worked successfully with many clients to resolve this issue in usually 2 – 3 sessions.

“Things are going great since are 2 hr session it’s changed my life to be honest, Best move I ever made coming to have a session with yourself , totally amazed the way it’s changed my thinking.”

Richard (treated for cannabis addiction)