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provocative coaching

Provocative Coaching and Provocative Therapy – broadband speed change work

Meeting Frank Farrelly When I first met Frank Farrelly over a decade ago I was totally mystified by his approach to working with clients. I found it quite fascinating partly due to the fact that it broke all the standard coaching conventions I had come across and was like “broadband” compared with many other approaches […]

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Nick Kemp

“Imagination rules the world” – status issues and group behavior

“Imagination rules the world” is a quote from Napoleon Bonaparte and I can’t think of a truer phrase from many years of observations of human behaviour when working in private practice. Imagination and group behavior Many clients with severe emotional problems are literally governed by an imagination that is fully out of control. This is […]

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Food Phobias

Food Phobias and restrictive diets Over the years I have helped many people with food phobias. This is where a client feels only able to eat certain foods and has a very restrictive diet. In many cases this can be a list of literally ten or less types of food. This creates all manner of […]

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