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provocative coaching

Provocative Coaching and Provocative Therapy – broadband speed change work

Meeting Frank Farrelly When I first met Frank Farrelly over a decade ago I was totally mystified by his approach to working with clients. I found it quite fascinating partly due to the fact that it broke all the standard coaching conventions I had come across and was like “broadband” compared with many other approaches […]

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nick kemp nlp

Nick Kemp and NLP at a Glance

Nick Kemp and NLP  During this period I trained extensively with Richard Bandler in the UK, USA and Ireland.   Here are some of the trainings I attended NLP Practitioner NLP Master Practitioner NLP Meta Master Practitioner NLP Trainer Training Design Human Engineering Neuro Hypnotic Patterning Persuasion Engineering Hypnosis with Richard Bandler From 2000 – 2008 […]

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Nick Kemp

PCW for Sports Coaching

In recent times I have been doing a lot of work with sport’s professionals. One of the many things I love when working with such individuals is that all improvements in performance are measurable! The PCW model really helps to empower clients to discover all manner of benefits and I am amazed at how often […]

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Food Phobias

Food Phobias and restrictive diets Over the years I have helped many people with food phobias. This is where a client feels only able to eat certain foods and has a very restrictive diet. In many cases this can be a list of literally ten or less types of food. This creates all manner of […]

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