Clients who don’t complete session time

Most clients are a genuine pleasure to work with and most issues are resolved within a few sessions. On this site I clearly set out expectations and of course all clients complete a full set of notes before the appointment. Inevitably there are a very small number of clients who decide not to complete session time. There can be a number of reasons for this. In some instances the client can feel that the initial session has resolved the situation to their satisfaction. In other instances it may be that circumstances make it difficult to do the follow up session.

The third category are those who decide that this approach is not for them. Often these have the expectation that the therapist will simply hypnotize them to make the problem disappear. I have referred to this previously as “the magic wand mind set” The clients who are most likely to fall into this category are clients with substance addictions, gamblers, anger issues and commitment phobics. The common thread in these behaviours is the client is often extremely hyperactive and self obsessed! The challenge for any practitioner is to get such clients to pay attention to the session recordings and to appreciate that they need to reflect on their own patterns of thinking and feeling to produce a useful change in behaviour. Such clients often insist on “guaranteed success” from therapists according to their own expectations of “what should happen” and of course this is a recipe for disaster.

Experienced therapists and practitioners never offer guarantees, except that they will dedicate their time and skills to assist the client in the most time and cost effective manner. Provocative Change Works focusses on changing the thinking, feeling processes that create the problem behaviour. This is a far cry from simply analyzing past events or simply talking about “the problem” To date I have completed over 7000 hours of clinic time using PCW. Less than 1% of clients fail to attend follow up sessions and as my old mentor Frank Farrelly once said “You can help them all”

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