Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is increasingly more common in society today and I see lots of clients with this problem. Often they find that they have become locked into a behavioural pattern, so their whole thinking processes revolve around taking this drug. In many instances the result of this endless cycle of anticipation and thinking produces a feeling of being disempowered and in many instances clients experience an ongoing sense of paranoia. Analytical approaches to resolving cocaine addiction in my experience rarely work and instead it’s better to work on changing the thinking and feeling processes that trigger the emotional craving that results in the addiction.

I see clients of all ages in my UK clinics as well as working internationally by Skype with clients. As well as seeing clients on a 1 – 1 basis for cocaine addition I have also given talks to community drugs groups on my approach to working with such client problems. Its important to remember that the cocaine addiction is the end result of a sequence of thinking and feeling and not just focus on talking about the actual drug. Most clients who have a cocaine addiction know all the dangers and pitfalls of this behaviour but have not yet managed to break our of that unhelpful cycle.

At my Leeds and Manchester Hypnotherapy practices I use the Provocative Change Works approach to help clients with cocaine addiction. I generally get excellent results and most clients experience useful and lasting change in just a few sessions. Prior to agreeing to see any client I always request a full set of client notes so the session time is then used to best effect. It’s important to realize that there is no magic wand in resolving these issues and its important to listen back to the recordings of each session to get the best results.  Some clients mistakenly imagine they can simply be hypnotized to make the problem go away. The reality of course is that both practitioner and client need to work together and focus on discovering what is helpful in changing the previous patterns of behaviour. In 2016 I taught PCW to a group of drug practitioners in Osaka Japan over a three day period and continue to teach PCW worldwide to assist with these types of problem.

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