Compulsive Hair and Eyebrow Pulling

Compulsive Hair Pulling

Compulsive hair pulling is very common, and many clients who ring for help with this this imagine that they are the only individuals who have this difficulty! Often they have become very self-conscious and embarrassed about this but despite lots of thinking about the situation they can’t find any freedom from the problem.
I ask all clients to complete a full set of client notes prior to arranging an appointment. This saves a great deal of time during the sessions and gives me a better understanding of how the client is experiencing this problem. One of the key questions in these client notes is “When is the problem better and when it is worse?” This information allows me to begin to explore how to change the thinking process that creates the feeling that triggers the behaviour. Often the compulsive hair  pulling will occur at a particular time of day. Often this behaviour happens when a person is by themselves (often in the evening) and in many cases they are not even consciously aware that they are doing it.

During the session we first determine when this behaviour occurs the most and check to see what is happening during these times. It’s useful to remember that the final hair or eyebrow pulling preceded by thinking and feeling a particular way. In my experience this problem is not resolved by analysing why it might be occurring, but rather by changing the thinking patterns which in turn change of feeling “the need to do this” All sessions are recorded on CD so each client is able to notice which of the exercises is most useful in resolving this issue. The Provocative Change Works process is really effective with this kind of problem and most clients are fully treated in 2 – 3 sessions. I see clients in my Leeds and Manchester hypnotherapy clinics as well as by Skype