Compulsive Hair Pulling

Treatment for Compulsive Hair Pulling

Compulsive hair and eyebrow pulling is very common, although many clients who ring for this imagine that they are the only individuals who have this behavioural difficulty! Often a client will exhibit this behaviour in exactly the same time of day, often being unaware that they are doing this behaviour. The behaviour can become an automatic process for the client and in many cases the end result in terms of hair loss can be quite severe! compulsive hair pulling - Trichotillomania

The key to resolving this problem is not to focus on past events but rather to explore how the client is thinking and feeling which then creates the behaviour. I always ask the client when the behaviour is best and when it is worst. By focussing on how the feeling and subsequent behaviour is created it’s possible to really help clients with this compulsive hair pulling problem also known as Trichotillomania.

I have a lot of success with this issue and most clients are fully treated in 2 – 3 sessions. I see clients in my Leeds and Manchester Therapy clinics as well as working by Skype. To request an appointment when e-mail me from the contact page on this site.