Conditions Treated

Conditions treated by Nick Kemp in UK Clinics

Nick KempAs well as running two longstanding UK therapy clinics in Leeds and Manchester, I teach other therapists worldwide. The Provocative Change Works approach to client change is highly effective for a wide range of client problems. The focus of each session is on changing the problematic way of thinking and feeling rather than analysing the problem or simply talking about the issue. This more direct approach means that in most instances clients only need very little clinic time to resolve their issues. I have had clients with issues for decades who have found that they only need a few hours with the PCW approach

Conditions treated by Nick Kemp using PCW

Anxiety, Anxiety Attacks

Anger Management


Binge drinking and eating


Cocaine Addiction



Couples and Relationship work

Cannabis Addiction

Compulsive Gambling

Compulsive Hair Pulling

Fear of the Dentist/Dental Phobia


Exam Nerves

Eating Disorders


Excessive Sweating

Fear of Being Alone

Fear of Crossing Bridges

Fear of the Dark

Fear of Dogs

Fear of Driving

Fear of Eating in Public

Fear of Flying

Food Phobias

Hair and eyebrow pulling

Fear of Heights

Fear of Injections and Needle Phobias

Fear of loud noises

Fear of Wasps and Bees

Interview nerves



Lying – Compulsive and Pathological Lying

Nail Biting



A Complete List of Phobias

Panic Attacks

Pornography addiction


Public Speaking

Relationship issues and mediation

Self-esteem issues

Sexual Problems

Shy Bladder – Paruresis


Snake Phobia

Spider Phobia

Social Anxiety

Sports Performance Coaching

Stress Management

“Sugar Addiction” & Chocolate Addiction

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Weight Issues

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