Curing Anxiety Attacks

Treatment for Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Cures in Leeds, Manchester & Skype

On average I see at least two clients every week with anxiety related problems. Anxiety is a term that can be used to describe lots of different behaviours. Sometimes a client will talk about having “a panic attack” where they literally feel that “panic is attacking them” and they are helpless in such a situation. The anxiety can occur in lots of different situations and it’s very common for me to receive calls and e-mails all times of day and night requesting help! When people decide to make contact, things have usually come to a head and they feel they now really need to do something about the problem. There is a great demand for anxiety cures in Leeds and Manchester and I have taught my own PCW model to other therapists worldwide which is highly effective with curing this condition. For clients outside the UK, I offer Skype sessions that can be found HERE

How Anxiety Occurs

Anxiety like any other feeling can’t just happen, there has to be a process of thinking in order to create the feeling. The main triggers that create feelings are the following What you see externally What you imagine or picture internally What you hear externally What you think or say to yourself internally The senses of taste and smell can play a part in this process of creating a feeling but in my experience these four factors are the main triggers for the anxiety.

Triggers for Creating Anxiety

Often when a person “feels anxious” they are anticipating a problem occurring or feeling a particular way. In my experience the most common of these four triggers is what a person think’s or says to themselves as an internal commentary. This is always done in an anxious tone of voice which of course creates the unhelpful anxious feeling. Of course before deciding to change this feeling it’s also important to check that it’s appropriate to do so. Some feelings of anxiety and behaviours are for personal protection and therefore appropriate, while others (and this is pretty much the case with all clients I see) are inappropriate and unhelpful. Here are some typical examples of unhelpful thoughts “What if I start to feel ill?” “I’m going to mess this up!” “Oh no people are going to think I’m stupid” In OCD (obsessive thinking) and phobias, this feeling of anxiety is very much present. In 2006 I was asked by BBC Radio to work with listeners who had anxiety related problems and phobias. I saw clients over a 26 week period and it was fascinating to notice how in every instance the client created the feeling of anxiety by thinking in one of these four ways. I have literally thousands of recorded client sessions from years of working in private practice with anxiety related issues.

Curing anxiety attacksTestimonials from Clients treated by Nick Kemp for Anxiety Attacks – anxiety cures in Leeds & Manchester

Most problems with anxiety attacks can be resolved quite quickly with my Provocative Change Works approach and here are some examples of typical feedback from such sessions. “An amazingly powerful technique.

By working on a single phrase that affected me, I was able to turn my feelings of anxiety into total calm in a few minutes. And best of all, the calm lasted. Exciting stuff”

Hannah (having suffered years of anxiety)

“I just want to say thank you, the session I had with you has made me feel ‘normal’ for the first time in a long time. To know that I can control my own thoughts once again was the best thing anyone could do for me. I never believed you when you said it may only take one or two sessions!!!”


“Hi Nick Just a quick email to let you know how I am getting on. As you know, I had previously tried hypnosis, EFT, PSTEC and god knows how many self help books and I still could not rid myself of panic attacks, which had gone on for around 20 years of my life. Last week, I booked a one and a half hour Skype session with you and I just can’t believe how much more confident I feel in situations where I would normally doubt myself and get panicky. Thanks again”


I see clients for anxiety and panic attacks in my Leeds and Manchester hypnotherapy clinics as well as on Skype. I also teach workshops for other therapists on this specific issue and have written a number of articles on these issues which have either been published internationally in a number of different magazines.