Dental Phobias, fear of the dentist

Dental Phobia

Fear of the dentist is one of the most common fears. Often the anticipation of being helpless in the dentist’s chair is enough to create a great deal of anxiety in most people. For some people it’s the sound of the drill that triggers the fear and for others it’s the anticipation of the pain that they may experience. Some people find that the fear of as well as having injections is the real problem. Children often try and duck out of going to the dentist not realizing that good dental health will serve them well in later life.

Dental Phobia LeedsEven though an average dental appointment can be less time than a television soap, and most people will have maybe one or two appointments a year, it’s a major issue for many people. I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys going to the dentist, but when clients seek help with this fear it’s more than a simple dislike, it’s an anxiety that usually results in delaying important treatment. Prior to arranging any appointment I ask all clients to complete a full set of notes so I have a clear idea of what they want and to make the best possible use of session time. I see clients in my Leeds and Manchester hypnotherapy clinics as well as by Skype.

My approach is to change the thought process that creates this fear of the dentist. This can usually be completed in a couple of sessions, so it becomes possible to visit the dentist without the same fearful response. Usually those with this fear are thinking a series of unhelpful internal thoughts that create the fear. The Provocative Change Works process is excellent in dealing with anxiety and fear based problems and this is no exception.