Emetophobia – Fear of being Vomiting and being sick

Emetophobia – fear of Vomiting, being sick

Over the years I have worked with lots of clients with Emetophobia¬†and in most cases these clients have previously tried other approaches to help with this, without success. The key to resolving this issue is to change the client’s way of thinking which in turn then transforms how the person is feeling. Lots of analysis about past behaviours is in my experience not that helpful as this does not change the phobic reaction. In my experience clients who have this issue have already thought about the problem a great deal which has made either no difference to how they feel or in many instances made the problem worse!

I usually see clients for 2 – 3 sessions for this problem and prior to accepting any client I request a completed set of client notes, so I have good information on the background to this issue. In many cases as with all kinds of phobias the client is thinking way too much about this issue in a hyperactive manner. No amount of reassurance or analysis tends to help with changing the feeling, so the client finds themselves in an endless loop of thinking and feeling.

Emetophobia cures