Excessive Sweating

Treatment for Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is a very common problem and I see many clients for this at my Leeds and Manchester Hypnotherapy practices. It’s important to eliminate any medical reasons for this condition and once we have done so and a client has returned their client notes, we can explore the thinking and feeling processes that have created this problem. If there are no medical reasons for this experience then the problem is being created by how a person thinks and feels.
When I check the returned client notes one of the first things I look for is when the condition is better and when it is worse. Often a person will anticipate having the problem and this anticipatory feeling is the trigger for this happening! Instead of being “cool, calm and collected” often the client’s worrying creates the opposite effect. Excessive sweating often occurs when a person feels that they are under the spotlight or in other situations when they feel very self-conscious. The process for how this problem occurs is in my experience very similar to the experience of blushing. In this particular instance the end experience is different but in both examples the person literally overheats and the body responds accordingly.
During the sessions we explore how the thinking process is occurring that creates the feeling that results in the excessive sweating. The clue here is the term “excessive” Everyone will naturally sweat in certain situations, but when clients report excessive sweating this is where the sweating is far more than what would normally be expected. I usually find that the pattern of thinking is always the same for each client when this experience occurs and once we identify how this thinking is occurring then it’s possible to make the appropriate changes that result in a different end experience.
By changing the thinking patterns we are then able to alter the end behaviour, so each client experiences a new found freedom.