Fear of Dogs, Dog Phobia

Fear of Dogs

Fear of Dogs and dog phobias are surprisingly common. A person may have had a specific incident in their lives where something happened to create this fear, or they may just have the anxiety without being able to reference such an event. Either way it really doesn’t matter how the fear was created the important thing is to change the unhelpful behaviour in the here and now and for the future!

I have seen many clients with this of all ages and in my experience simply talking about a fear of dogs, no matter how well meaning, does nit often help change the problematic feeling. The key is to change the pattern of thinking that creates the fear of dogs. This requires working in a very precise way and not getting too hung on on analysing past events! Many clients I see for this issue have previously had general hypnotherapy, counselling and CBT, without success. Also in almost every instance the sessions have not been recorded for the client to listen back to either, which is a key aspect of the PCW process. I would expect somebody with a fear of dogs to feel significantly better after just a couple of sessions and most clients I see for any kind of phobia find it resolved in 2 – 3 sessions if they follow my advice.

I see clients in my UK clinics as well as working by Skype, which also works surprisingly well. Prior to agreeing a date for clinical time every client is asked to complete a full set of client notes. This ensures that all clinical time is used to best effect