Fear of Heights, Heights Phobia treatment

Fear of Heights Phobia

I have seen a lot of clients who have a fear of heights. One client prior to agreeing to see me even asked if my Leeds Hypnotherapy practice was on the ground floor, as even a first or second floor would have been a problem for him! After two sessions he was delighted to have just come back from going to a 23 floor building and showed me pictures of himself on each floor looking out at the scene outside the building!

The secret to resolving this is to change the pattern of thinking that then changes the emotional response. Approaches that just focus on past events or just get the client to talk about the problem in my view rarely help to provide useful change for the client. It’s important for the practitioner to specifically identify how the client is thinking in order to create this fear of heights phobia.

I have worked with clients 1 – 1 in my UK clinics as well as by Skype. Before agreeing to take on any client I always get them to complete a full set of client notes that gives me useful background information about how they have been experiencing the problem.