Fear of Injections

Fear of Injections and Needle Phobias

Needle phobias and fear of injections are very common and I see a lot of clients with these issues. Here is a video talking about my approach to resolving this issue. This is a surprisingly common phobia and I have seen clients of all ages and backgrounds for this issue. Often those with a fear of injections or a fear of needles only contact me when they have a specific situation where they absolutely have to have some form of injection.

My approach to resolving all phobias is rather than focus on past events to instead explore how to think and feel differently. Over the years I have treated many mothers who are pregnant and are at the point in the pregnancy where they have to have some medical tests in order to ensure the health of the baby. Understandably they are in a highly distressed state when they make contact!

By focussing on the process, in most instances I am able to get really good results in a very short period of time. When clients first make contact they can be 100% convinced that they will never feel differently about the problem and are genuinely surprised when the phobia is gone!

Fear of injections