Fear of The Dark

Fear of the Dark Phobia

When people talk about fear of the dark, they often imagine young children and not people from all ages. I have seen many clients for this type of anxiety and in many instances the client creates the fear by imagining their own versions of an internal horror movie. Sometimes the fear can step from a specific experience in days gone by and sometimes the client is unaware of what has happened to trigger the fear. It doesn’t really matter, the key is to change the process of thinking that then in turn changes the emotional response. I have seen clients of all ages for this issue, the youngest being an eight year old I saw in Budapest. The key to helping with this issue is to focus on how the person is thinking and feeling which then creates the unhelpful behaviour. Fear of the dark phobia like all phobias is an over reaction to a situation rather than just an experience of “anxiety”. By focussing on the process of how the person is creating the unhelpful feeling it’s possible to change the entire experience quite quickly and of course with this behaviour it’s easy to test and check that the change is usefully in place.

At my Leeds hypnotherapy practice I recommend 2 – 3 sessions for this and get really excellent results for resolving this issue.