Fear of Wasps and Bees

Fear of Wasps and Bees

As soon as summer arrives I receive calls for help with fear of wasps and phobias. Like all phobias and fears, this feeling of anxiety can be helped with the Provocative Change Works approach. After completing a set of client notes I arrange to see clients either in my Leeds or Manchester clinics or by Skype. The key question I seek to explore is how the client is creating the feeling of anxiety. Every feeling requires some form of thinking to trigger the final feeling. In the case of fear of wasps and bees, usually the anticipation of this occurring is the main part of the problem. By changing the previous unhelpful thought processes we can easily change the unhelpful feeling.

Client feedback

“After I left your office I drove home with my car windows open and I have had my conservatory door open all the time I have been in this weekend. This is something I NEVER EVER EVER would do.

I went to Harrogate Valley Park this weekend and I did not walk the long way to avoid bins and something flew right in my face, which would normally freak me out big time and make me scream – but I did not even flinch, my blood didn’t go red hot and my neck didn’t tense up to my shoulders – I could not believe it, I felt calm. I am finding myself looking for wasps as it seems too good to be true!! A window is open in my office and I have only noticed this now as I am emailing you, normally my eyes would have been set on that window – watching for anything to fly in the office. It has made me feel free!”

“After the session I was totally relaxed, in fact it was one of the best days of my life! I have not even thought about the problem and I’m no longer bothered about it!

Sarah (treated for wasp and bee phobia)

WHAT A LIFE-CHANGER! In the worst parts of my bee and wasp phobia, I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without the constant feelings of irrational fear and anxiety. I felt like a prisoner in my own home and dreaded the summer! When I first spoke to Nick, he said ‘be prepared for change’, and although this excited me I also felt very sceptical that PCW would actually make any difference! How wrong I was. I can’t even describe how much my life has changed or exactly how but by working with Nick after only 2 sessions, my life no longer revolves around my fear of wasps and bees, I now get a long with my day to day, I walk past places I would of previously completely avoided, I don’t anticipate seeing them before I make plans to go out, I have CONTROL over my life again! One of the most amazing things about the time spent with Nick is that not only did he free me of my phobia, but after we spoke about the fact I currently was having counselling for panic attacks too, he asked me a bit about it…WARNED me that as a result of the PCW that a side affect may be that my anxiety attacks will also disappear…talk about killing two birds with one stone!! I ended up leaving my counselling(wasn’t working anyway), and what was a constant daily battle of anytime I was in public concentrating on not having a panic attack, which really took the joy out of doing anything! I have not once since had the feeling of having a panic attack, and I have been CONFIDENT in my endeavours, I have been able to go to yoga classes with my son, meet new people all things that I would never of done before! And that to me is absolutely AMAZING. I still can’t get over the changes in my life sometimes. I cannot rate Nick Kemp enough, you made all the things I thought impossible, realities! THANK YOU.