Food Phobias and restrictive diets

Food Phobias and restrictive diets

ood phobiasOver the years I have helped many people with food phobias. This is where a client feels only able to eat certain foods and has a very restrictive diet. In many cases this can be a list of literally ten or less types of food. This creates all manner of problems for the individual, including health issues and social difficulties.
Most clients who have food phobias have already sought out help but with no success. Traditional approaches like psychotherapy, counselling and general hypnotherapy in my experience often fail to resolve the problem. The reason for this lack of success is that analyzing the problem does nothing to resolve the problem and any general approach is not specific enough to change the behaviour. Many clients have kept food diaries and extensively analyzed the problem without any success and this kind of analysis only maintains and exasperates the problem.

The Key Question to ask

The key question of course is “How does a client create the apprehension associated with trying certain types of food?” The PCW process works in a precise way to change the patterns of unhelpful thinking to experience a new ease in trying out a wider range of foods. Clients appreciate that this phobia of certain foods is not rational, but that knowledge does nothing to change the behaviour. In many instances the client is thinking to themselves in a very unhelpful manner and these negative internal suggestions create the resistance to trying a wider rather of foods.

This can be resolved easily using PCW

The key to assisting clients who have food phobias is to change the thinking process that then changing the feeling and overall behaviour. This can usually be done in 2 – 3 sessions, using the Provocative Change Works process. Prior to seeing all clients I request a completed set of client notes which gives me useful background information on the issue. Every session is recorded so each client is able to listen back to what is useful and practice the PCW exercises that allow for a change of thinking and behaviour.  To date I have an excellent success rate with such clients and it’s a personal pleasure to see people free from this kind of issue.