GAD Clients and Working with Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Since 2003 I have spent a great deal of time working with clients who have GAD aka Generalized anxiety disorder. GAD has been defined as

“an anxiety disorder characterized by excessive, uncontrollable and often irrational worry, that is, apprehensive expectation about events or activities. This excessive worry often interferes with daily functioning, as individuals with GAD typically anticipate disaster, and are overly concerned about everyday matters such as health issues, money, death, family problems, friendship problems, interpersonal relationship problems, or work difficulties”

The PCW approach is excellent for working with GAD and to date I haveĀ  had very good success in my UK clinics and time spent in Asia talking to medics has reconfirmed many of my thoughts on this issue.

The challenge of course for any therapist is that GAD clients are usually permanently in “anticipation mode” which remains a central theme in the problem state. The term GAD like all terms covers a multitude of behaviours, but in my experience all such clients usually remain in an obsessive cycle of internal processing and this creates all manner of problems with connecting with the wider world. As the definition suggests they become “overly concerned” so everything is massively amplified in the sensory system and they have great difficulty in making and maintaining relationships in personal and professional life.

When a client has generalized anxiety disorder, the nature of the problem means they often become extremely self obsessed and very polarized in their own views. This presents a real challenge to any therapist in how they work with such clients and why it is crucial to define the terms of any clinical assistance. I also highly recommend recoding all sessions for the client (this is standard in PCW) and instructing the client to listen back to the sessions. This gives the best chance of assistance for the client, but of course no approach is going to be 100% and its always wise to make this clear prior to booking session time. I see clients in my Leeds and Manchester clinics. For those outside the UK, I also work by Skype. To book by Skype go HEREĀ 

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