PCW and Hypnotherapy by Skype

 PCW and Hypnotherapy by Skype

hypnotherspy by skypeI’m the first to admit that if you suggested any kind of hypnotherapy by Skype or PCW by Skype years ago, I would have dismissed the idea! However in recent years Skype has become far more stable and is now an excellent platform for change work.
I now train in over 13 overseas countries, so I have less time that previously for 1 – 1 sessions in my UK clinics. As Provocative Change Works has become more recognised inevitably many private clients from around the globe are interested in private sessions. Skype has become an excellent solution for this and to date I have conducted Skype Hypnotherapy and PCW sessions for clients in the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, India and various parts of Europe.

Requesting a Skype Session

All clients who request a Skype session are asked to complete a set of client notes. Once they return the notes and we agree an appointment time, I recommend booking either a 60 or 90 minute slot. Payment is done in advance by PayPal and I encourage all clients to audio record the session at their end. It’s useful to ensure that you have a good broadband connection so the quality of the call is maintained throughout the session.

Conditions treated to date

To date I have I have worked with a wide range of different client conditions with great success. These include phobias, social anxiety, jealousy, blushing, fear of driving and food related problems. The medium has worked surprisingly well and just as in live 1 – 1 hypnotherapy and PCW sessions, most clients experience excellent results in an average of 2 – 3 sessions.

Coaching by Skype and Online training

As well as seeing clients on a 1 – 1 basis I also offer training in PCW and Hypnotherapy by Skype on request. This can be for newcomers to the field as well as experienced practitioners who are seeking CPD.

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