Insomnia and Curing Sleep Problems

Help for Insomnia and Sleep Problems

In this information age, insomnia can be a very common and cause a genuine amount of stress for the individual concerned. Clients with insomnia come from all ages and backgrounds, but there are many clear generalizations in the types of problem patterns that cause this behavior. My approach using NLP, Hypnosis, Provocative Change Works and Provocative Therapy is to explore “how” the person is creating the problem than an analytical approach focusing on “why” the person has the problem.

By exploring how the person has created the problem, we explore how they are managing to stay awake. I frequently find that when working with clients’ “stuck or problem states” asking the simple questions reveals the most useful and insightful information that can create some momentum in changing the old behavior. Insomnia is a bit like having a computer hard drive that simply won’t shut down and keeps whirring away. I record all private sessions, so each client has the opportunity to listen back and reinforce the changes from each meeting. This can literally turbo-charge the momentum for change. With insomnia clients there are a number of specific hypnotic approaches I use in my Leeds Hypnotherapy private practice that has worked extremely well, including the Betty Erickson induction.

Many insomniacs find themselves thinking or talking to themselves in an agitated voice, or constantly making internal pictures of not being able to sleep and the results of this, and therefore effectively resisting going into a more natural state of rest. In many instances the insomniac finds it very hard to relax and of course alcohol fuelled “assistance” is not a recommended solution, as it simply works to magnify the unhelpful state. Once clients better master the art of relaxation they are able to train their brains to discover the strategy of restful sleeping. Proper rest of course leads to a person then feeling more energized and in a much better state in which to make good decisions in daily life.
From 2000 – 2006 I created the Human Alchemy CD series which uses a combination of NLP, Hypnosis and carefully selected musical rhythms to produce deep forms of relaxation that assist with restful sleep.

“Nick’s intervention was powerful and his interaction was professional, I felt safe & calm though out. The effect it has had upon the symptom is Excellent. I have slept more soundly and significantly longer since Nick’s intervention.”

“I just wanted to let you know since my visit to you my Insomnia has been more manageable and I am feeling really positive about a full recovery! I am using the techniques you taught me in the session and they are working really well, it’s great I have the CD to listen back to also. I can report I have had 3 full nights without sleeping pills, ear plugs or sleeping in the spare bedroom. The last time I had a full night sleep was 3 months ago! I would like to thank you for your help and support in the session and also for keeping in touch after our session. I seriously believe without my time with you I may have had a lifetime of sleepless nights and medication. Thanks Nick!”
Claire (after 1 x 60 minute session)