Jealousy Cures for better relationships

Jealousy Cures for better relationships

Jealousy cures in Leeds and Manchester and by Skype

Jealousy can be hugely disruptive in relationships and I have seen many clients for jealousy issues. When clients first contact me for assistance with jealousy it’s often at the point when a relationship is in real trouble. Many find themselves in a destructive cycle of thinking which creates the ongoing unhelpful jealous feelings. Many who experience jealousy intellectually know that there is no real basis for being jealous but nonetheless can’t help “feeling jealous”. There can of course be genuine reasons for jealousy, but when someone experiences jealousy for no apparent reason, this then suggests that their imagination might be spiraling out of control.

A jealous person can find themselves in a constant “loop” of imagining their partner with somebody else. This “loop” can then consume the jealous person’s thoughts to the extent that they find it hard to think of anything else at all. Sometimes a client may additionally make ongoing unhelpful suggestions to themselves as well as or instead of “picturing problems”, setting up this sequence of negative thoughts. The Hypnosis and Provocative Change Works toolkits are excellent in dealing with this condition and breaking this looping behavioural process.

jealousy cures for better relationshipsJealous thoughts can manifest in a variety of ways from anxiety and panic, to anger when a partner simply looks at another person. Maintaining these patterns of unhelpful behaviour can also be exhausting for the jealous person, to the extent that they not only become emotionally stressed, but in some instances physically unwell. Jealousy can cause a person to be withdrawn and moody, also resulting in anger or even fury. Afterwards it’s normal for a person to feel remorse, and frustration with themselves, with an inability to control thoughts and feelings, producing anxious and depressed states of mind.

I have had excellent results changing these jealous patterns with clients and this usually takes one to two sessions. The key is not through endless analysis about “why” a person may have these behavioural patterns, but rather “how” to break out of the unhelpful loop to create new found freedom.

Symptoms of jealousy

Below are some typical symptoms reported by clients I have worked with:
•Imagining that a partner is having inappropriate relationships with others
•An inability to stop thinking unhelpful destructive thoughts
•Difficulty in relaxing
•Experiencing anxiety and insecurity on a daily basis
•Difficulty in maintaining long term relationships

Successfully resolving jealousy – thinking and feeling different

My experience of working with clients over many years has given me some really useful insights into resolving unhelpful jealousy. Any feeling can only be created by firstly thinking in a very specific way. The feeling of jealousy requires a person to think about what “they imagine is happening or going to happen”. Let’s remember that it’s impossible to get a feeling without first have some kind of thought process. This is true for any kind of feeling. If I ask you to feel jealous, but insist that you don’t look at anything externally, picture anything internally, listen to anything externally or think anything to yourself internally it’s virtually impossible to get a feeling of jealousy. There are senses of taste and smell, but in my experience theses rarely trigger jealousy. Most clients I see for unhelpful jealousy have got into the habit of thinking in a manner that makes them self conscious enough to experience the sensation of jealousy.

When I work with clients we focus on changing this unhelpful thinking process to change the jealous response. This typically doesn’t take a great deal of time, but it does require precision to identify the manner of the problematic thinking. My many years of working with jealous clients have been very helpful in quickly identifying the sequence that creates unhelpful jealousy and giving each client a series of helpful exercises that give the opportunity to think and feel differently in situations where typically jealousy would have occurred.

Testimonials from clients who had unhelpful jealousy issues

“Thank you for Friday I did feel a lot better when I came out!”

Vicky S (Treated for jealousy)

“I’m 100 percent different! The jealous feelings I had are no longer there.”

Wes (Treated for longstanding jealousy issues)