Nick Kemp Published Articles

Nick Kemp Published Articles

Nick Kemp authorBelow are some of the articles that have been published internationally about a wide range of subjects in communication and therapy (Click on orange link for pdf)

Over the years I have been asked to write articles for numerous international publications. These cover a wide range of subjects from communication in education, working in a clinical setting, the use of provocation in therapy, communication in business and specific client issues such as binge drinking and addictions. Often the subject matter can be controversial and my aim with all writing is to get people to think about how we can all communicate better and help each other more easily for the greater good.

Below are a selection of some of these articles

Article in Yorkshire Evening Post on Binge Drinking


Article for The Middle Eastern Educator


Article on working with addictions for UK Rapport Magazine 


Article on Communication in Business


 Article on communication in a clinical setting


Communication in education


Article for Israel Times on use of provocation in therapy


Nick Kemp talks about Frank Farrelly’s Provocative Therapy

Nick Kemp on Frank Farrelly

Nick Kemp talks about recording Frank Farrelly’s book “Me and God”


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