I have often seen clients who have problems with nightmares. Of course all of us at some time will experience nightmares, but the clients I see for this usually have them on an almost nightly basis. One the many problems with experiencing nightmares is that a person never really gets a proper night’s sleep which them means that they can feel tired and lethargic during the day.

When people have nightmares it’s almost like a computer hard drive that doesn’t properly shut down, the client remains mentally active when they would better benefit from shutting down to experience a good night’s rest. Often analytical approaches don’t work that well with resolving this condition and instead it’s better to work on creating the ability to generate a more relaxed state at will and especially when sleeping. Prior to seeing clients I always request a full set of client notes so that all session time is used to best effect.

One of the key areas we explore is when the problem occurs the most and when it occurs the least. Sometimes a client with a busy time style can literally become hyperactive with their thinking and this endless mental activity doesn’t stop when they go to sleep. Often people will talk about “Something on my mind” and in many instances they simply can’t move on from having a particular set of thoughts, so the brain endlessly runs the same sequence of thoughts a bit like a movie that repeats itself over and over again.
Most clients I see for nightmares have active imaginations, which work very well for them in their work life, but when trying to get a good night’s sleep they find they literally can’t disengage from this problematic set of thoughts. I see clients at my Leeds and Manchester hypnotherapy clinics for this issue as well as by Skype.


“Hi Nick

I’ve been meaning to drop you a line of feed back for a while now; it’s been 3 years since you gave me treatment for bad dreams.

I now only get very occasional nightmares – say once every 6 months at most – which is such a change from my old ‘regime’. You obviously worked some magic and I continue to be extremely grateful. If I ever revert to the bad old days, you’ll be the first person I’ll call!

Thanks again!”

Harvey Bigg
(Harvey had been having extreme nightmares every single night for years prior to seeing Nick Kemp)