Panic Attacks Leeds

Panic Attacks Leeds

I regularly see clients who have had panic attacks at my Leeds therapy clinic. These clients can be of all ages and from a wide range of backgrounds. What they all have in common is that they are experiencing regular surges of anxiety that they refer to as “panic attacks” The person literally feels like they are “under attack” and regardless of analysis or reassurance from friends and family the extent of the panic attacks remains unaffected.

Treating Panic attacks in my Leeds and Manchester Clinics

These panic attacks can seem as if they have started for no particular reason BUT there will always be some form of trigger that creates the unhelpful feeling. Any feeling can only be triggered in mostly four specific ways which are

What you see externally

What you hear externally

What you imagine or picture internally

What you say or think to yourself internally

THEN and only then comes the unhelpful feeling!

Simply talking about the experience or analysing past events won’t in my experience change the overall feeling.

panic attacks LeedsWhen I see clients for this we focus on changing the unhelpful thinking patterns that contribute to the final feeling described as “a panic attack” Often once a client has experienced this kind of feeling they begin to anticipate it returning, so unwittingly they are then helping to create the very problem they want to be free from.