Pornography Addiction

Help with Pornography Addiction

In the era of the internet, access to pornography is possible for anyone who has a computer or a mobile phone. Unsurprisingly this means that pornography addiction is more common than ever as access to porn is easier than ever. Like many other problematic behavioural patterns when clients decide to make contact it’s usually because the problem has reached such a stage that the client feels that they can no longer put off seeking help. Of course in most instances being addicted to pornography is for many people a subject of embarrassment and this tends to create even more anxiety around the problem and a delay in seeking help.

Many clients I see for this find that they have developed a routine of seeking out pornography in order to be sexually aroused. The problem for them is that this has now become a pattern which in many instances is spiraling out of control and it’s often all they can think about. This behaviour can really create a great deal of distress and in many instances a person with this issue finds it difficult to form relationships as they seek all their emotion stimuli from what they see and hear online. Often this behaviour creates a sense of guilt which in turn leads to feeling anxious and depressed. I had one client who found that he was literally spending the best part of each day looking at sites online and this was affecting his work, which affected his earning, which affected his overall lifestyle. Like so many issues it was the consequences of the behaviour that were the real problem. Most clients I see find good results from 2 – 3 client sessions and I see clients in my Leeds and Manchester hypnotherapy clinics as well as working online by Skype