Public Speaking Anxiety

Public Speaking Anxiety – How to Become a Confident Presenter

According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

Jerry Seinfeld

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Public speaking anxiety cures by nick kemp

On average I see at least two clients every week with anxiety issues. When I see clients for this issue we focus on two main issues – How to get into an appropriately confident state Being able to deliver a memorable presentation in public When clients make contact they are usually in a real state of distress and if they had a choice between speaking in public and root canal treatment, they would opt for the latter! I have even had clients feign illness rather than present in public and in extreme cases I have known clients who have left jobs to avoid public speaking. Sometimes this anxiety stems from a past situation where a person felt very self-conscious and now finds that same unhelpful feeling returning even thinking about this issue.

Often clients with public speaking anxiety are surprised at how they can go from an anxious state to feeling calm and collected about talking in public. The key to resolving anxiety in these situations is to learn how to easily control your imagination, rather than the other way around! During each session, I provide a number of techniques to help you to transform this ‘fear of the fear’ thought process. This is a way of consciously training your imagination to be under your control to create a new found freedom. Many people who experience anxiety vividly imagine having a bad experience, by talking or yelling to themselves in a panicky tone of voice and/or feeling feelings they then describe as ‘panic’. Frequently the person experiencing the anxiety will not initially be consciously aware of this pattern.

Here are some of the areas I typically cover when assisting clients with this issue •Removing previous anxiety when thinking about public speaking

•Getting into a confident state when presenting

•How to structure an excellent presentation

•Learning the language of influence in public speaking

•Using your voice to great effect

•Building easy rapport with an audience

•Learning how to stand and move with ease when presenting to an audience

public speaking curesDeveloping public speaking skills means being able to get into the right state of mind as well as being able to deliver an effective presentation. Often prior to meeting me clients will speak too quickly and not be aware of how to structure a presentation so it can be delivered with ease. The initial session for this is two hours. You will receive an audio recording of the session so you are able to practice and use the exercises taught to develop new confidence and presenting skills. The follow up session is usually between 7 to 14 days later. If you are preparing for a particular speech, e.g. for a wedding or business presentation, then we will usually use the follow up session as a rehearsal for the final event. As well as assisting with public speaking anxiety issues,

I have over 30 years’ experience of presenting internationally in Europe, USA, Asia and the UK. I teach all my clients the very best approaches to remove previous anxiety to become powerful and effective communicators.

public speaking cures

Nick Kemp presenting in Valencia

What People are saying about Nick Kemp’s treatment for public speaking

“Hi Nick,

I hope your trip to New York was as successful as my briefing !!!

 I listened back to the CD a number of times and the relaxation / well being CD from your store.

 I was still apprehensive and I made a few mistakes but I didn’t care and I had the team in fits of LAUGHTER, who’d have believed it.
 I’m still AMAZED and don’t understand how or why ?? I’m just so grateful that your magic worked.

 I have had such a good feeling of well being since.  I’m going to continue to listen to the CD’s ….. I
 I’m enjoying this feeling too much to loose it, all the stress and anxiety I went through before hand.

 I’m still AMAZED …. THANK YOU.

Denise T

 “Top Drawer”, “Word Perfect”, “Amazing”

 These were all of the words used by my colleagues when giving feedback about my performance yesterday. My voice didn’t wobble, I was confident and even managed to bring in a bit of humour to the 3 minutes which would have been unthinkable before I saw you on Wednesday morning.

 I am so happy because the person who spoke was me, the nervous Nelly whose voice wobbled the day before is gone. Thank you so much. You also helped me with my anxiety which seems a lot better too.

 If I am called to speak again, I will be in touch, as your coaching was invaluable.

 I am sure there will be colleagues who will ask me for your details as there were lots of wobbly voices yesterday!

Susan – (A client seen for one session to assist with a major presentation the following day)


Nick Kemp public speaking


“Hi Nick
 Just a quick email to let you know how I am getting on. As you know, I had previously tried hypnosis, EFT, PSTEC and god knows how many self help books and I still could not rid myself of panic attacks, which had gone on for around 20 years of my life.
 Last week, I booked a one and a half hour Skype session with you and I just can’t believe how much more confident I feel in situations where I would normally doubt myself and get panicky.
 Thanks again”