Relationship Problems and Mediation

Relationship Problems and Mediation

Relationship issues can manifest in lots of different ways. The problem may be in a work situation, a home situation, a marriage or any other partnership situation. When I see clients for this, communication within the relationship has broken down and neither party despite their best efforts is able to resolve the situation. Prior to agreeing any session time I always request a full set of client notes from the parties involved so the session time is used to best effect.
Most of the problems that occur in these situations are due to a mismatch in expectations and those in the relationship are too engrossed in the situation to be able to resolve the problem. Regardless of the type of relationship I always ask clients the following question –

“When you think about this relationship now, is the whole thing worthwhile?”

We all form relationships in our lives and some come to a natural conclusion and others stand the test of time. There’s no right or wrong in this, but in each situation there is a trade in who gives what and who gets what. The question is “Is this a good trade for both parties?” If the whole relationship is deemed worthwhile by those involved then it’s worth exploring how to resolve the miscommunications and apparent differences. If the whole thing is deemed not worthwhile then it’s questionable as to whether this is a good use of everybody’s time and energy.

Prior to working as a practitioner I worked in business for many years managing staff. This taught me a great deal about defining and managing expectations in relationships. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business, personal or marriage situation the process for exploring common ground is the same. I avoid too much analysis of past events and the focus is mainly on how best to proceed in the future and create a healthier and better means of communication. If the issue is with a couple, then it’s important for both people to attend the session and to independently complete a set of client notes ahead of time. I see clients in my Leeds and Manchester hypnotherapy clinics as well as conducting sessions by Skype.