Self Esteem Issues

 Self Esteem Issues

I will often get client enquires where people will request help with “low self-esteem”
Low self-esteem is one of those terms that can mean many different things to different individuals. When clients request assistance for this issue they are not feeling good about themselves. They have also frequently got into a pattern of thinking where they feel that they are not meeting their own expectations or the expectations of other people. Self esteem issues are very common and I regularly see clients for this problem

Sometimes this assertion of having low self-esteem may come from a specific life experience and other times it can be the result of a number of events which then conspire to create this unhelpful belief. Prior to arranging any appointment I request each client completes a full set of client notes detailing what they mean by the term “low self-esteem” and what they specifically want from a session.

People who have low self-esteem issues are often regularly making unhelpful suggestions to themselves which creates the feeling of low self-esteem. Essentially the person’s imagination produces an endless spiral of self-evaluation which is not based on any actual hard data, but nonetheless becomes real problem. Often clients become withdrawn from social activity and increasingly spend time ruminating about how other people may be thinking about themselves and forming the view that they are “not good enough” Often they will imagine that other people have a low opinion of themselves and that they are in some way lacking in skills, social abilities or some other area in life.

My experience is that with issues of low self-esteem the issue is rarely usefully addressed simply by analyzing the past, but better addressed by changing the thought processes that create this evaluative condition. Many clients become too engrossed in their own thoughts and become so insular that their world becomes smaller and smaller. When I see clients in my Leeds and Manchester hypnotherapy clinics as well as on Skype we address how to think and feel differently. These changes usually take place in a relatively short period of time.