Skype Therapy Sessions

 Skype Therapy Sessions

Increasingly I am offering Skype Hypnotherapy and Skype PCW  sessions for clients. Advances in technology meansSkype Therapy that Skype is now stable enough as a platform to make this possible. Even though I regularly have clients travel long distances to see me in my Leeds and Manchester UK clinics, some can’t easily make appointments due to geographical reasons. Skype is therefore a really good options in such circumstances as well as well both cost and time effective.

How to Request a Skype Session

  1. Request an appointment on the contact page of this site
  2. Send me your Skype name so we can connect online
  3. Request and return the client notes that I give to all clients
  4. Let me know when in UK time works best for you to arrange the session
  5. Ensure that you have a means to audio record the session at your end
  6. Payment is made by PayPal prior to the agreed session at the rate of 125 sterling per hours

I recommend either a 60 minute or 90 minute initial session when using Skype. For 60 min sessions PayPal £125  to For 90 min sessions PayPal £189  to


Skype HypnotherapyTo date I have successfully helped clients in the UK, Europe, Asia and USA using PCW and Hypnotherapy for a wide range of client conditions. Issues include phobias, anxiety related issues, blushing, jealousy, confidence issues, anger management among many other problems. Skye works surprisingly well and it’s an efficient cost effective way to discover the benefits of Provocative Change Works and Hypnotherapy.

My Skype name is provocativechangeworks