Snake Phobia

Snake Phobia Treatment

Lots of people have snake phobias, but often don’t feel the need to seek out professional help. If you live in a city in the UK, it’s unlikely that you will meet a poisonous snake! However as with many phobias when a person’s imagination is in overdrive then no amount of analysis or rational thinking will make any difference!

Many people with snake phobias  find that it interferes with their activities. Parents don’t want their children to pick up their fear of snakes, and dread the day when their child brings home a picture book of snakes, or asks to visit the reptile house of the local zoo. Someone whose spouse or partner when on holiday enjoys walking in forest or other areas where snakes may be present may find that their avoidance of these places prevents what would otherwise be an enjoyable activity with their partner, maybe even limits their choice of vacation sites. Some people have a sufficient fear of snakes that simply seeing an ad on television for movies like “Snakes on a Plane” can really ruin their day!

Some people have a bad enough snake phobia that the chance encounter with the word snake in a magazine article, or a picture of one, can elicit a strong emotional reaction they find embarrassing. Over the years I have seen a lot of people with this kind of phobia. When I first explored NLP in the 1990s I attended a Paul McKenna training in London where we learned how to deal with such behaviours. During the course after working with clients to remove the phobia we had the opportunity to allow the client to hold a live snake! Clients were subsequently amazed that they could experience such a change in feeling in a very short period of time.