Spider Phobia Cures

Spider Phobia Cures in Leeds

Back in the 1990s I did a series of trainings with Paul McKenna and one of the very first extreme fears I worked on was a fear of spiders. Since then I have literally helped hundreds of people with great success. It’s important to change the way in which a client thinks so they then feel appropriately more relaxed in a situation where they may encounter a snake. Of course many such encounters are in the client’s imagination or when they see a snake on a poster or TV, rather than in real life situations! At my Leeds Hypnotherapy practice I regularly see clients for this condition as well as fear of public speaking, flying , all of which are very common.

In the UK, it’s fairly unusual to encounter a live tarantula unless you visit a zoo or pet shop. However this particular fear is very common and causes many people a great deal of distress and usually any kind of spider will trigger the phobia. Prior to seeing clients for this and any other issue I always ask clients to complete and return a set of client notes. This gives me useful background information to the problem and ensures that the actual session time is used to the best effect. Sometimes clients will have had a previous experience of encountering a snake which has created this longstanding fear. This however is not the only way in which people can create this fear. A person may have seen something on TV, heard something in conversation or read something that triggers the fear. It doesn’t matter where the fear originated from, but rather how best to change the thinking and feeling process in the present time.

Spider phobia LeedsIt’s also important to create the change that is most appropriate for the client and not what the therapist simply imagines should happen. During my 26 weeks on the BBC working with client problems I had a client request help for anxiety around spiders She was about to go on a trip to the Amazon and of course would inevitably be encountering different kinds of spiders. In this instance it was important for her to maintain a healthy awareness of the dangers of snakes but to get her imagination under control so she wasn’t thinking about them 24 hours a day!

Most spider phobica only need a couple of sessions for this issue and are surprised by how differently they can feel once they start to use the Provocative Change Works exercises.