Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction/Chocolate Addiction

Sugar addiction and chocolate “addictions” are very common and I see clients every month for this. In most instances a client has got into the habit of thinking more and more about eating sugar and chocolate, to the point of obsession, as if their whole world is being viewed through this particular lens. The key to working with all addictions, including sugar addiction is to focus on changing the client’s thinking process which in turn changes the feeling and behavioural outcomes that result. This works far better than simply talking about sugar addiction or trying to analyse the problem. I have had many clients over the years who have sugar and chocolate addictions and in recent years the media has alerted the public increasingly to the health problems that are associated with eating too much sugar.

At my Leeds and Manchester Hypnotherapy practice I have found the Provocative Change Works approach to be really helpful in changing this behaviour so clients can experience a new freedom of choice in what they eat. Most clients only needs a couple of sessions for this sugar addiction problem and of course all sessions are recorded for the client to listen back to.