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Why the New Nick Kemp Therapy Site?

This new Nick Kemp therapy specific website was not planned by myself but created out of necessity when my old IT company suddenly decided after many years that they no longer wanted to host my numerous sites. That of course is fine and I respect the fact that businesses can determine their own strategies for who they want as clients. However the real problem was that all of these sites had bespoke content management systems and the owner refuses these being hosted by any other party. This means everything has to now be rebuilt and that means a lot of time to do this!

Nick Kemp

The benefits are too good to pass up!

A few years ago I would have argued 100% to have all sites built from scratch and often blogged about this view. After all who wants a bog standard template site? Companies like Word Press in days gone by were ok for basic blogs but really only a basic cheap solution for people wanting an online presence. However in recent years all of that has changed and I am amazed that companies like Word Press have done all the R and D and there is basically very little that you can’t do in these formats. Here are a number of no brainer key benefits from going down this route.

  1. You have 100% control of your site at all times in terms of updating content and the look and feel of the site
  2. The site is automatically mobile friendly, so you don’t now have to pay your IT company to revise the design they created for you previously which they will inevitably now charge you to update!
  3. Google loves Word Press, so you will be found more easily online
  4. Word Press has an automatic internal SEO checking facility, so no more paying out for mysterious SEO advice which often doesn’t translate into improved ranking!
  5. You will save a substantial amount of money

Remember the purpose of your site…

Often when people create sites they can get a bit carried away with the design element and forget the key purpose of what function the site is there to serve! Often its in the interest of IT companies to encourage you to endlessly add content to your site as it’s potentially more work for them. Yes content can improve SEO, but it’s important to remember that the website exists to attract and inform customers. If the site is too complex or not visually appealing, then you won’t get great results.

Final Thoughts

Nick Kemp public speakingWhat was initially a nightmare scenario is now turning out to be a golden opportunity to re evaluate my online presence. I also discovered that some of the previous IT advice was at times not entirely up to date as inevitably technology is changing all the time. This is why companies like Word Press who have literally thousands of folks contributing additional themes and apps are always going to be ahead of the curve, which means you will not be so easily caught out by such changes in technology! Your website is your global advert for your business, so far better to have 100% control over the look, feel and costing’s for such an important business tool rather than rely on a third party to interpret your thoughts. I can’t imagine that IT companies who used to offer bespoke sites will survive and many of course now try to reinvent themselves as people catch on to new advances in technology.

The previous IT company did some good work, but now technology has really removed the need for such an approach and it’s a crazy amount of money when all the solutions are available with a bit of training for people to do everything themselves and for the end result to now look GREAT! The money you save by not outsourcing can now be used to but a great camera and improve the visual image. The next sites to appear will be the corporate and music sites which are all looking great too.

In just 48 hours the feedback for the first of the new sites is overwhelmingly positive and I thank all those who have taken the time to comment on social media and in private.


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