Weight Issues/Weight Loss

Weight Issues and Weight Loss in Leeds & Manchester

I have a very specific approach to helping clients with weight issues and weight loss. My focus is to empower clients to create better choices in how they think which determines how they feel and how results from that feeling! This is a far cry from the many quick fixes often associated with this kind of issue. All to often therapists can promote a magic wand style approach where the client simply has to turn up, “be hypnotized” and then hey presto all is well!

Of course the reality is that every choice around food has a direct impact on what follows. Its important to consider 2 key factors

  1. The internal environment – how we think & feel that determines what we do
  2. The External environment – how we conduct our lives, what we surround ourselves with

The second aspect is often forgotten and some therapists talk about “willpower” and “dieting”

The key to finding all balance and harmony in life is to learn that is useful and what is not useful, what we want more of and what we want less of.  By learning how to have better control over our thoughts, or feelings and behaviours fall into line. Many clients who experience these kinds of issues benefit from learning how to relax in times when they previously would have engaged in overeating or unhelpful eating. I also advise clients to discover what works best for them rather than what they read in the press or online. This is another way in which we become more empowered in making those choices that work best for us.

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PCW Nick Kemp