Working at Broadgate Clinic in Leeds

broadgate clinicIts four months now since I moved to a new clinic in Leeds after almost ten years. I of course blogged about this last year and I am delighted that my clients have unanimously voted this as a definite upgrade from their perspective!

There are numerous obvious advantages, including a much more welcoming and therapeutically appropriate colour scheme, ample parking and crucially the clinic is open from 7.30am each day. This means that many clients can see practitioners before starting the working day and therefore not have to take holidays

The reception staff are friendly and crucially there’s no turnover of staff which clients and therapists alike fully appreciate. The feel of the clinic is welcoming and the attention to detail is excellent. Crucially everything is done with the therapist and clients in mind. The rooms here are properly soundproofed unlike the previous clinic and there is an excellent community spirit which is increasingly attracting new practitioners to this space.

As a therapist and author who travels and teaches internationally its really important to have the right professional associations and to ensure that the clinical environment is of the very best standard. Its also essential that those who let the clinical space are smart thinkers and appreciate that the therapists are clients along with the therapist’s own clients.

Smart clinic owners also appreciate that word of mouth and reputation are everything. Its very easy to create a really poor reputation by not listening to professional feedback. This usually results in both therapists and their clients voting with their feet. Broadgate certainly is starting to attract a wealth of experienced therapists, many of whom I have known for many years. I am increasingly seeing numerous professional clients at director level, who then refer their own staff. These clients really expect the very best and it’s crucial that the clinic is absolutely top notch meeting and exceeding  CQC expectations.


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