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Nick Kemp – International Therapist, Coach, Author and Trainer

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Nick runs training courses internationally and sees clients for one to one sessions for anxiety cures and other issues in Leeds and Manchester as well as offering client sessions via Skype  

Click here to see a list of many of conditions treated. You will see these conditions include anxiety problems, panic attacks, phobias, anger management, jealousy, confidence issues, food related problems, public speaking, blushing and many other problems.

He is the creator of the Provocative Change Works (PCW) model of communication and has appeared on BBC Radio as well as a number of international TV stations talking about his success in working with clients as both a coach and a therapist, with a specialization for anxiety cures in Leeds. This approach is extremely cost and time effective and Nick has worked successfully with thousands of clients over the years in his UK clinics as well as by Skype.

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Prior to creating the PCW model Nick has trained extensively in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Provocative Therapy and sits on a number of international ethics boards for these approaches. He’s known for his specialisation in treating anxiety related issues teaching other practitioners in Asia, USA and Europe as well as being a published author and contributor to many established publications including The Sun Newspaper, The Yorkshire Evening Post, Rapport Magazine, The Middle East Educator and The Times of Israel.

Effective Therapy in Leeds, Manchester and by Skype

Nick Kemp LeedsNick studied many approaches before developing his own internationally recognised Provocative Change Works approach (PCW) for client change. The approach is excellent for anxiety cures. The focus in each therapeutic session is to change the way of thinking rather than to analyse past events.  All clients receive the very best of attention and this dynamic solution based approach empowers clients to resolve even the most problematic issues in just 2 – 3 sessions. Every session is recorded so each client can listen back and practice the suggested exercises that assist with helpful change.

This ability to listen back to sessions greatly accelerates the change process and is radically different from many traditional talk therapy approaches that often focus exclusively on the past rather on what needs to happen next that will prove useful for the client. The initial session is two hours with a follow up session usually 7 – 10 days later. This has proved to be the best formula for assisting in useful change. Clients seeking an appointment are first asked to complete and return a set of client notes, so the actual session time is used in the best possible way and the focus is only on useful change. In 2006 Nick worked on BBC Radio for 26 consecutive weeks working with BBC listeners with different kinds of phobias and helping with anxiety cures.

Nick Kemp PCWThese were one hour sessions and in every case the work was tested so it was 100% clear that the phobia was no longer present. Here is a testimonial from Mary Craven who before seeing Nick had a phobia of birds for fifty years

“It was good to see you again last Wednesday, and to be able to demonstrate how your NLP has helped me to deal with my “Bird flapping wings” fear. I can honestly state that following the PCW session; my fear of being near birds has gone. I am now able to walk outdoors, and I notice less and less as time is passing, any presence of birds. What can I say; I am a changed person with a higher level of confidence in dealing with not just birds, but other matters also.

I’ve carried this burden throughout my adult life, and you’ve eradicated it with just one short session of NLP. This has been a life changing moment for me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. No more free, free, because now I am FREE of this fear.”

Mary Craven

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